Spotify Unveils Token-Enabled Playlists: Unlock Music With NFTs!

• Spotify is testing a new token-enabled playlist feature for NFT holders, accessible to Android users in the US, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.
• Special playlists will be curated by Fluf, Moonbirds, Kingship and Overlord communities.
• The pilot is planned to last for three months during which exclusive playlists will be updated regularly.

Spotify Unveils New Token-Enabled Playlist

Online music streaming service Spotify has announced a pilot program to enable token-enabled playlists for users possessing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This trial run is currently only available to Android users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Accessibility of Token-Enabled Playlist

The trial phase of this feature will last approximately three months during which the handpicked music in these special playlists will be continuously updated. Accessing these unique playlists requires linking their wallets with NFTs owned by members of four communities: Fluf, Moonbirds, Kingship and Overlord.

Overlord x Spotify Collaboration

Overlord web3 gaming and media universe has also announced that its Creepz NFT project holders can access a community-curated soundtrack named “Invasion” through connecting Web3 wallets with Spotify. Similarly Universal Music Group’s NFT band Kingship has created a token gated playlist featuring songs from renowned artists such as Queen , Missy Elliott , Snoop Dogg and Led Zeppelin.

Steps To Access Token Gated Playlist

Liquidity protocols‘ NFT lead developer Apoorv Lathey tweeted out a screenshot outlining step wise process on how users can access KingShip’s selected playlist on Spotify using Metamask wallet , Trust Wallet , Rainbow , Ledger Live or Zerion wallet .

Spotify Experimenting With NFTs?

When asked about this feature ,a representative from Spotify stated that they often experiment with different things in order to improve customer experience . But whether this would go on further or not remains yet to be seen .

Altcoins On The Rise: Which Coins Could Moon?

• The phrase ‘to the moon’ is trending in the crypto and financial community, indicating that certain assets are good investments for the immediate future.
• Crypto analysts have shared their thoughts on which coins could moon, most of them related to meme coins.
• Altcoins mentioned as potentially headed ‚to the moon‘ include Blur, Floki, and Doge.

What Is ‘To The Moon’?

The phrase ‘to the moon’ has recently been trending on social networks such as Twitter and Reddit within the cryptocurrency community. This phrase is used to indicate that a particular asset is a good investment for the immediate future.

Which Altcoins Could Be Headed To The Moon?

Crypto analysts have shared their opinions on social networks concerning which coins could possibly head to the moon. Most of these mentions have been related to meme coins like Blur, Floki, and Doge.

Blur Token

The possibility of a vast increase in value was first noted by crypto analyst @cryptowoetoe who called for a clean breakout of $BLUR with initial selling pressure gone. His final tweet suggested that this coin could be headed much higher like some other #airdrops seen last year.

Floki Token

When Elon Musk tweeted about an image of a dog being appointed as Twitter’s new CEO, Floki saw its value surge by 40%. This led to many calling for it to head ‚#Flokitothemoon‘.


Dogecoin has long been predicted by investors to hit the moon and Elon Musk’s tweet triggered more calls for it do so. Blockchain analysts have also been calling for DOGE to „moon“ in recent days.

Blur NFT Marketplace Soars, Outperforms OpenSea in Trading Volume

• Blur NFT marketplace is outperforming OpenSea in terms of trading volume, despite having fewer traders.
• Blur currently accounts for 46% of the total weekly trading volume compared to OpenSea’s 36%.
• Despite being second in terms of trading volume, OpenSea leads the pack in number of weekly trades.

Blur Outperforming OpenSea in Trading Volume

The NFT marketplace Blur is outperforming OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, by dominating the charts regarding NFT trading volume. As of writing this, Blur currently accounts for 46% of the total weekly trading volume compared to its biggest competitor OpenSea with only 36%.

Blur Bidding Pools Surge

Since raising 11 million dollars in its early stages of development, Blur’s bidding pools have skyrocketed to an all-time high of $42 million. On December 8th, a Twitter user encountered an issue with the platform’s new bidding system and was refunded 50% of their lost amount by Blur.

OpenSea Leading In Number Of Trades

Despite being second in terms of trading volume, OpenSea still leads other marketplaces in number of weekly trades with around 29,600 transactions as opposed to 12,601 on Blur platform.

Data From Dune Analytics

Data from Dune analytics depicts that daily trade activities on both platforms are as follows: roughly $14.3 million traded on the Blur platform and $11.3 million traded on the OpenSea platform.


Despite debuting just last October, it appears that Blur has taken over as the dominant player when it comes to NFT trade activities across all marketplaces. With its impressive performance and outstanding customer service solutions such as refunds for issues encountered utilizing their system; it looks like they are here to stay!

Tesla Records $204m Bitcoin Loss in 2022, Elon Musk Continues to HODL

• Tesla reported a $204 million loss from its bitcoin holdings in 2022 despite making a $64 million profit from trading activities.
• Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of BTC in early February 2021 and announced the sale of 75% worth of bitcoin in July last year due to the lockdown situation in China.
• Elon Musk has shown great influence in the crypto world as an avid enthusiast for cryptocurrencies, showing interest in bitcoin and dogecoin and causing significant surges with his tweets.

Tesla’s Loss From Bitcoin Holdings

According to a U.S. Security and Exchange Commission filing, Tesla made a $204 million loss in gross impairment in 2022 for its bitcoin holdings despite seeing some profits from trading bitcoin. The car manufacturer had purchased $1.5 billion worth of BTC in early February 2021 before announcing the sale of 75% worth of it due to the lockdown situation in China at that time. Despite this, Elon Musk assured that Tesla still holds no hostile view against bitcoin and is open to expanding its holdings further.

Profits From Crypto Trading Activities

Despite recording a $204 million loss, Tesla was able to make a $64 million profit from converging its bitcoin holdings into fiat currencies last year by Q4 2022 when Elon refused to liquidate the remaining stockpile and continued HODLing instead. This led to some net losses for Tesla which added up to around $140 million due to their crypto trading activities during the same period.

Elon Musk’s Influence on Crypto Prices

Elon Musk’s influence on cryptocurrency prices has been quite remarkable lately as he explores new social media payment methods with Dogecoin resulting in a 6% spike of its token price although yet unable to break through resistance levels significantly yet. His mid-last year tweet stating that Tesla would not accept BTC payments also resulted into a Bitcoin price drop from $54,800 -$45,700 within minutes after it was sent out into cyberspace.

Musk’s Passion For Cryptocurrency

It is evident that Elon Musk has taken quite an interest into cryptocurrency since his involvement with it began by becoming one of the most influential figures within this industry despite having no prior knowledge on how it worked initially but quickly adapting and learning how it works now seemingly like second nature being involved with such projects as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and others alike while also pushing forth new innovations such as allowing people to buy cars using cryptocurrency at certain locations etcetera doing what he can do help promote blockchain technology further..


Overall, Tesla recorded a major loss due to their investments into Bitcoin but were still able to gain some profits from converting them back into fiat currencies during their crypto trading activities later on throughout the year while also being heavily influenced by Elon Musk who himself has shown great passion for cryptocurrency being involved with various projects such as Bitcoin ad Dogecoin which have seen surges due largely because of him pushing them forward through social media platforms such as Twitter etcetera helping push forth blockchain technology even further than ever before now more than ever!