Altcoins On The Rise: Which Coins Could Moon?

• The phrase ‘to the moon’ is trending in the crypto and financial community, indicating that certain assets are good investments for the immediate future.
• Crypto analysts have shared their thoughts on which coins could moon, most of them related to meme coins.
• Altcoins mentioned as potentially headed ‚to the moon‘ include Blur, Floki, and Doge.

What Is ‘To The Moon’?

The phrase ‘to the moon’ has recently been trending on social networks such as Twitter and Reddit within the cryptocurrency community. This phrase is used to indicate that a particular asset is a good investment for the immediate future.

Which Altcoins Could Be Headed To The Moon?

Crypto analysts have shared their opinions on social networks concerning which coins could possibly head to the moon. Most of these mentions have been related to meme coins like Blur, Floki, and Doge.

Blur Token

The possibility of a vast increase in value was first noted by crypto analyst @cryptowoetoe who called for a clean breakout of $BLUR with initial selling pressure gone. His final tweet suggested that this coin could be headed much higher like some other #airdrops seen last year.

Floki Token

When Elon Musk tweeted about an image of a dog being appointed as Twitter’s new CEO, Floki saw its value surge by 40%. This led to many calling for it to head ‚#Flokitothemoon‘.


Dogecoin has long been predicted by investors to hit the moon and Elon Musk’s tweet triggered more calls for it do so. Blockchain analysts have also been calling for DOGE to „moon“ in recent days.